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Education plays a vital role in any implementation. Your organization will realize the greatest benefit when your employees have a deeper understanding of the software solution, enabling them to make their lives easier and more productive. At Sri Software Solutions, we can help your employees gain this understanding through our Education programs.

Our Education Team draws from a wide range of academic and business experiences. They are experts in their field and the application of Sri Software Solutions software, and effectively tie structured learning experiences to real world business challenges. Our goal is for you to come away from every learning experience with a basic foundation of knowledge and the enthusiasm to further develop your understanding

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At Sri Software Solutions, we do not compromise on customer satisfaction. Therefore, we guarantee our services, at any cost to prove our commitment to quality.

With regards to training, we have set up a rigorous training process for the new candidates in various technologies. By predicting on what the clients will need in future. Training is conducted by our in-house trainer and technology experts in the relevant filed.

Also we focus on variety of training programs for consultants with the advent of the new information technology that helps the consultants to sharpen their existing skills to take advantage of new technologies and work globally.


Sri Software Solutions solves human resources challenges for its clients while providing career growth and lifestyle benefits for its temporary employees. Sri Software Solutions ‘s role in this picture is to match the needs of job seekers and businesses by providing the right solutions both in direct hire and temporary help. The key lies in managing all employees with a global perspective, without losing an individual approach.

We have attracted top level, talented IT professionals by offering:

  • Exposure to the region’s most prominent companies
  • The challenge of working with various technologies, industries and projects.
  • Integrity, dependability, focus, experience and a personal approach
  • Ongoing training and professional development opportunities
  • A personal approach



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