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Business process outsourcing has helped companies focus on their core competencies, and leverage the benefit of outsourcing the non-core activities to companies that bring deep relevance in the processes.

As a BPO services company,Sri Software Solutions is focusing on three exploding markets—online retailing, market research, and recruitment processing, all of which are growing industries benefiting from the high availability of Internet, computers, and secure transaction gateways.

Our approach includes proven methodologies, project management expertise, and project support tools to manage the engagement and meet specified service levels.

Your Strategic Outsourcing Partner


In online commerce, we help retailers grow their customer base by traffic generation, reduce cost of transaction by outsourcing key processes like accounting, email confirmation, charge backs, and so on.

In market research, we provide research firms and direct clients primary and secondary research services, data analytics, and intelligence dashboards for decision making.

Some of Strategic Outsourcing Services include:

  Application Management (Legacy and Web)
  Application Maintenance
  ERP Application Development and Support
  Help Desk
  Testing Solutions
  Data Transformation
  Conversion/Migration Application Management

Sri Software Solutuins is working towards creation of a worldwide network of outsourcing centers that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our centers would be fully equipped with the latest technology and communications, as well as a complete staff of experienced project managers and engineers.

Sri Software Solutions can act as a corporation’s information systems services department, reducing costs while freeing up a company’s staff and facility for core tasks.

As recruitment process management is defining how efficiently and energetically a company can scale and flex to market requirements, the inherent processes that are laden with repetitive tasks are better driven by offshore economies and leveraging technology. Sri Software Solutions recruitment processing brings in-house technologies to create inherent scalability value to our engagements with clients.


  • Cost Reduction
  • Broad Expertise
  • Reliability and Consistency
  • Rapid Response
  • Proactive Problem Prevention
  • Project Management
  • Analysis and Reports


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